Exchange Student - A Priceless Investment

Program costs to send a student abroad usually increase with distance traveled to that country, but may cost no more than a year at home. The financial obligation for a host family is minimal, since all cost are paid by the student's natural family abroad. The host family need only to provide the student with a bed of his/her own, meals, a study area, and laundry facilities. Personal expenses are the student's responsibility.

Program Fees Cover:

  • Round trip domestic and foreign air transportation, if applicable.
  • Comprehensive health and accident insurance.
  • Maintenance of Foreign Chapters.
  • All other domestic operating costs, as International Fellowship is self-supporting, receiving no financial aid from any other source.
  • Detailed price lists may be requested from International Fellowship headquarters in New York. Contact Us
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From the President of International Fellowship:

"In speaking with various Community Leaders, when we open our hearts and homes to high school exchange students, collectively, we will be reaching out to have a great impact on our communities, schools and families. Once these young people return to their home countries, they will then be able to share their American experiences with their families and friends in their communities. It has been estimated in recent years, that over 40 Heads of State in the world, were once exchange students. You as a host family can accomplish this “mission” right from your own home. Please Contact Us.

IF has conducted our program successfully for over 60 years with a Christian focus. We have opened our doors to all faiths, races, and cultures. In addition to public and private schools, we work with Christian schools. We are committed to supporting moral and ethical standards in all aspects of life in our mission to promote world peace and understanding through our students.

We believe that through the exchange program and the efforts of our host families and students, this mission is being accomplished.