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International Fellowship, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was established in 1952. We provide exchange student opportunities for secondary school students who want to explore life in a foreign land, discover its culture, traditions, and language. The exchange student program offered by International Fellowship aims to open worlds of adventure and understanding for young people. To accomplish this we offer various student exchange programs where students can learn firsthand about the different places and people of the world.

The programs come in two options, a 6-month semester or a 10-month academic year (with a 12-month calendar year program available exclusively to South Korea). When choosing a destination and length of stay, considerations such as language preference, cultural interests, and financial resources are taken into account, with fluency in the country's language recommended. International Fellowship provides orientations to help students and host families prepare for a fascinating learning experience.



The International Fellowship Exchange Student Program offers an opportunity for young people to gain a global perspective. Through the program, these exceptional youths add an international dimension to their host families, schools, and communities, fostering knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of diverse cultures. This enriching experience broadens perspectives and opens new vistas, resulting in lasting changes in participants' worldview. Additionally, the program has the potential to create lifelong international friendships.

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Experience the opportunity to broaden your perspective by hosting a foreign exchange student through the International Fellowship program. With over 25,000 students linked with host families worldwide since 1952, the program aims to support moral and ethical standards, offering both long and short term programs. Become a foreign missionary in your own home and make a lasting impact on someone's life.

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International Fellowship offers exchange student opportunities for secondary school students to experience living in a foreign country, learning about its culture, traditions, and language. Since 1952, the non-profit organization has been promoting world peace and understanding by sending teen ambassadors to represent their countries in foreign lands, while working with secondary schools that share their philosophy.

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Your donations help us send deserving students on transformative adventures. Donations are tax-deductible, and will help ensure that language learning, cultural exchange, and life-changing international friendships will continue. We and future exchange students of International Fellowship are grateful for your support and solidarity, no matter the amount. Thank you!


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