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Broaden your perspective by opening your hearts and home to a foreign exchange student. You can make lasting changes in the way people view themselves and the world!

International Fellowship supports the advancement of moral and ethical standards in all aspects of life, and has linked more than 25,000 exchange students with host families around the world since 1952.

There are openings now for long term and short term programs. Foreign exchange students are waiting to experience life in the U.S. and this is your chance to become a foreign missionary right in your own home!

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If you reside in Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, or Oregon, please utilize the background check form specific to your state. Residents from other states can use the General background check form. Everyone must complete the Background Check Disclosure page in addition to the Background Check Application. These Background Check Documents (3 Pages Total) are for all Host Family members who are 18+ years old and Local Representatives. Thank you.

If you have trouble accessing any of these documents, please call us at 1-800-647-8839.

Hear what some of our host families have to say about their experience with our Program and the Staff they encountered:

Twenty-four years I've worked in the corporate world and in addition I've dealt with businesses from doctors to merchants in the mall. Never, until our encounter with International Fellowship, have I dealt with a company that was so professional and yet so personable.

Kurt & Yvonne

EVERY TIME I called, I was greeted by a person who seemed to immediately know who I was and what student I was hosting. Everyone was terrific, but the following three were exceptional.

Our first encounter with International Fellowship. She was the most understanding, comforting and encouraging woman I've ever talked to. Even before I knew I might have issues that could come up or feelings to deal with, she knew and she did everything to prepare me.

Area Director

She had the brightest smile and was very helpful. She explained the difference in culture and prepared me what what might have been a problem. Francisca, our student, was such a wonderful kid so the problem never came up, however because Tina told me how different things were in Chile; I was able to understand what Francisca might be thinking.

Local Representative

This lady deserves the "Employee of the Year" award. It was Monday evening, March 21st and we were double-checking flight schedules for Francisca's trip home. I checked the airport website and their date only provided two days of flight information, meaning Wednesday's flight schedules would not be posted until Tuesday. I panicked as the note indicates we should reconfirm the reservation at least 72 hours prior to departure. I got up at 4:00 central time on Tuesday March 22nd and checked the Kansas City airport website. The flight was nowhere on the schedule. I immediately stressed out and was too stupid to check the airline website. The schedule document from your office indicated to call the 1-800 number immediately. No way I was thinking, it's 4:00 in the morning. But the word "immediately" was bold, all caps and underlined. I convinced myself the 1-800 number was in New York (1 hour ahead of us) and probably some 24 hour call center. By this time, it is around 4:30. Feeling better about the time issue, I call 1-800-647-8839. A woman answers the phone "hello" and I'm thinking I got the wrong number. She is so nice. I explain who I am, still thinking I'm calling the wrong number. She tells me I have the correct number and she'll call the airlines. Before I hang up, I ask her where I'm calling to -- San Diego!!! I'm thinking San Diego --- that's in California and it's only 2:30 there. I apologized many times and not once did she ever sound irritated (or tired). She called me back around 5:30 central time, confirming that all flights for Francisca were on schedule and that she would double check again when their office opened that day. She called me that afternoon and double-confirmed that everything was good to go. I got her out of bed at 2:30 in the morning and she never once said anything about it or made me feel stupid or bad for what I did. Instead, she supported me and told me I did exactly what I was supposed to do.

Administrative Assistant

Everyone in your organization should be proud of the work they do. I watched Francisca increase her knowledge of the USA and improve on her English immensely. All of this was possible because of the hard work and dedication of employees who work at International Fellowship, Inc.

THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

International Fellowship is a wonderful program for families to work with and experience exchange students in your home, school and community. They provide the time and assistance needed to make sure your student is a match with your own family and community surroundings.

Triplains High School USD 275

We have had 5 Japanese exchange students and we have had a wonderful experience with all of them. We still keep in contact with them.


The friendliness and support of the staff and the great students that choose International Fellowship make this the best organization to host and work with.


The program is a perfect fit for us. We have no children of our own, so this has been a wonderful experience for us.


International Fellowship's way of letting the students have the full opportunity of their stay in this country though their full interaction with their host family, school and community. Which would have been difficult if students were pulled away for extra excursions many times during their stay. Doing so tends to draw away time from the purpose of the hosting experience, especially since host parents are also responsible for their traveling to and from such excursions. Thank you, I. F. for not putting that burden on your host parents... The students are well taken care of during their stay by I.F. due to monthly contact from I.F personnel. So any concerns are taken care of promptly. We are looking forward to many more opportunities in hosting and having our exchange.

Royal and Deanna

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