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JA 001 Sally (F)  -   

JA 002 Yuuki (M) - PLACED  

JA 003 Hinano (F)  - 

JA 004 Misola (M)  - 

JA 005 Nao (F)

JA 006 Kei (M) - PLACED - CANADA

JA 007 Mayu (F)  - 

JA 008 Manami (F)  -

JA 009 Sakura (F)  - 

JA 010 Junsei (F)  -  PLACED - CANADA 

JA 011 Akari (F) -

JA 012 Mayu (F) - PLACED - CANADA 

JA 013 Mikato (F)  - 

JA 014  - 

JA 015  - 

JA 016  - 

JA 017  - 

JA 018  - 

JA 019  -   

JA 020  -




The I-20 Form is issued by Approved Public & Private High Schools for Students to obtain the F-1 Student Visa.  This is for Students who are not 15 years of age by the first day of school or who are more than 18.5 years old by the first day of school.  


Student Pictures & Profiles are removed from the website once the placement is officially completed by the School, Host Family, Student and International Fellowship, Inc.  

Please be advised that ALL interests that are listed for each student are simply general interests of the student. At no point should a student's general interests be used to recruit for any competitive academic or athletic purposes. Thank you for your consideration.




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